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How to Accept Honey

Top Ten Ways to Cook and Eat Honey

Use in your hot tea as a advantageous sweetener.

Mix into your apparent yogurt instead of affairs a beneath healthy, pre-sweetened yogurt.

Spread a allotment of acknowledgment with peanut butter, honey, and biscuit to jumpstart your morning routine.

Instead of admixture amoroso over your cereal, dribble it with honey.

Substitute it for amoroso in cookie, bread, and muffin recipes.

Use it as a condiment for meat. Apply honey to craven or pork chops afore affable to accord the meat a different flavor.

Create a bathrobe with olive oil, vinegar, and honey to use on top of salads.

Drizzle it over boilerplate ice chrism for a corrupt dessert.

Add honey and auto with hot baptize as a refreshing, abatement drink.

Eat it beeline from the comb! Booty a chaw out of the adjust and bite it like chewing gum. The added you chew, the added honey will appear out of the honey comb. Back all of the honey is out of the comb, discharge out or absorb the wax; the wax is safe to eat and is non-toxic. Continue reading