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Dysplastic Birthmark Characteristics

A dysplastic mole, additionally accepted as dysplastic nevi, is a birthmark that does not attending normal. It may accept asperous borders that arise to advance or achromatize into your skin; it may accept a mix of altered colors; or it could be scaly or aflutter aback you run your feel over it.

Having a dysplastic birthmark is not aberrant and not necessarily dangerous. Dermatologists disagree over whether or not a dysplastic birthmark is added acceptable to advance into a alarming bark blight alleged melanoma. However, if you accept abounding dysplastic moles on your anatomy you are in a college accident class for developing melanomas.

Therefore, you appetite to apprentice what to attending for to actuate if your birthmark is alarming or aloof a controllable abnormally attractive mole.

Dysplastic Birthmark Characteristics

A dysplastic birthmark can alter from a accustomed birthmark in color, shape, apparent texture, and possibly size. It is accustomed for a being to accept up to 40 moles on their skin. However, if you accept a dysplastic birthmark issue, you are added acceptable to apprehension abounding moles accoutrement your body, and it would not be exceptional of to accept 100+ moles. Continue reading