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Vitamin D as Osteoporosis Treatment

When you’re low in vitamin D, as best bodies are, your basic alpha to weaken. Therefore, the aboriginal footfall in the analysis of osteopenia and osteoporosis is to accomplish a acceptable akin of vitamin D in your body. As discussed in Chapter 23, Analysis of Vitamin D Deficiency, for best bodies that agency demography a ample dosage of Vitamin D supplement.

Unfortunately best physicians don’t analysis vitamin D akin in patients with osteopenia/osteoporosis and blitz to decree drugs. With this approach, vitamin D absence charcoal undiagnosed and basic and can accept austere bloom consequences.

Perhaps now you accept one of the best important factors causing osteopenia/osteoporosis is vitamin D deficiency. Unfortunately, it’s generally ignored. Meanwhile, biologic companies advance their anti-osteoporosis drugs. Unfortunately, vitamin D doesn’t accept the abetment and business beef of a biologic company, because it’s bargain and calmly accessible over the counter. Physicians are accomplished to analyze osteopenia or osteoporosis and appoint a drug, after alike blockage vitamin D level. Sad, but it is a fact.

Over the years, I’ve apparent abounding patients booty big-ticket anti-osteoporosis drugs faithfully, but their osteoporosis gets worse. Back checked, I acquisition these patients to be absolutely low in vitamin D. Simply alleviative them with the appropriate dosage of vitamin D makes all the aberration in the world. Continue reading