Dysplastic Birthmark Characteristics

A dysplastic mole, additionally accepted as dysplastic nevi, is a birthmark that does not attending normal. It may accept asperous borders that arise to advance or achromatize into your skin; it may accept a mix of altered colors; or it could be scaly or aflutter aback you run your feel over it.

Having a dysplastic birthmark is not aberrant and not necessarily dangerous. Dermatologists disagree over whether or not a dysplastic birthmark is added acceptable to advance into a alarming bark blight alleged melanoma. However, if you accept abounding dysplastic moles on your anatomy you are in a college accident class for developing melanomas.

Therefore, you appetite to apprentice what to attending for to actuate if your birthmark is alarming or aloof a controllable abnormally attractive mole.

Dysplastic Birthmark Characteristics

A dysplastic birthmark can alter from a accustomed birthmark in color, shape, apparent texture, and possibly size. It is accustomed for a being to accept up to 40 moles on their skin. However, if you accept a dysplastic birthmark issue, you are added acceptable to apprehension abounding moles accoutrement your body, and it would not be exceptional of to accept 100+ moles.

Location is addition application aback chief if a dysplastic birthmark is present. While accustomed moles can action anywhere on your body, you are added acceptable to acquisition them aloft your waistline on areas that are apparent to the sun. You would not apprehend to see accustomed moles on your buttocks, breasts, or alike your scalp, so you should accept these moles checked.

A dysplastic birthmark is best frequently begin on your aback and added awful sun-exposed bark surfaces. These aberrant moles can additionally action beneath your waistline such as on your buttocks or leg as able-bodied as aloft your waist on your breasts and scalp.

Normal moles are analogously black and apparent as tan or amber spots. The moles on a about being are accustomed and all attending somewhat similar. It is accustomed to accept about 40 moles on your body.

A afterpiece attending shows that a accustomed birthmark is annular or a bit oval, but has a audible border. Accustomed moles can be collapsed and abide collapsed or they can accession overtime and alike anatomy a small, bland bump. They are about abate than a pencil eraser (less than 5 millimeters in diameter).

A dysplastic birthmark tends to accept an array of colors. You may apprehension tans, browns, reds, and pinks alloyed aural one birthmark or in moles abreast anniversary other. You may accept aloof a brace of dysplastic moles or you may accept a brace of hundred on your body.

You can additionally analyze a dysplastic birthmark from a accustomed birthmark by its borders. Apprehension how the dysplastic birthmark has aberrant borders that assume to be notched. Also, the dysplastic mole’s bound is not sharp, but instead appears to be crumbling into the skin.

Another appropriate appropriate of a dysplastic birthmark can be its texture. You can accept a dysplastic birthmark that is smooth, but others can attending or feel scaly or asperous aback you rub your feel beyond them. They can additionally abound beyond than a pencil eraser; however, accumulate in apperception that a dysplastic birthmark or a annihilative birthmark can abound as a cast fresh mole, so if you ascertain it early, it may arise absolutely small.

Risk Factors for Alarming Dysplastic Mole

Are you ablaze skinned and accept ablaze beard and eye blush to match? Then you charge be decidedly accurate to adviser any dysplastic birthmark you acquisition on your skin. I acclimated to antic that I could never get a tan and rather I would go from white to red (sunburn). This wasn’t so funny afterwards I developed a atom of bark blight in the bulge of my close elbow.