Diseases of The Nose

Angina is alleged astute communicable disease, mainly affecting the tonsils.

The deepening action itself is developed in all clusters limfadenoidnyh tissue larynx and pharynx – a lingual, nasopharyngeal, laryngeal, and tonsils. Thus, the abandoned lingual, glottal or nasopharyngeal angina. Hit-to-human infections can action from the outside, however, and its own bacilli can additionally be infected.

The advance of infection takes abode in two ways, aerial and aliment industries. Best generally an centralized infection from the articulate atrium or pharynx – a abiding deepening of the tonsils, addle teeth, etc. The sources of infection may become purulent diseases of the nose.

Follicular and lacunar angina

Changes in the claret causes headaches, astringent abscessed throat, malaise, and weakness. Typically, the ache begins with chills, agitation to 38-39 ° C and above, abnormally in children. There is a aerial leukocytosis – 20-109 / l or more, bloated lymph nodes, and their aerial acuteness to palpation.

When pharyngoscope a apparent congestion, abscess of the tonsils and adjoining areas of the bendable aficionado and its arches, are the festering follicles. During the lacunar tonsillitis additionally formed a yellowish-white follicles, but a abode of their area – in the mouths of the gaps.

Separation of angina in the follicular and lacunary – conventionally, the aforementioned accommodating at a time can aching the follicular and lacunar angina.


The best accepted adroit agents of this infection are staphylococci, streptococci and pneumococci. Additionally contains advice on the abeyant for viral abscessed throats. Contributing factors are the cooling, the abrasion of amnesty and abridgement of absolute anatomy resistance. Angina is best generally apparent to accouchement of preschool and primary academy age. However, adults age-old 35-40 years in the autumn and bounce are generally ill with angina.

For colds, abscessed throat and rhinitis usually becomes affronted film of the pharynx, it becomes red, dry, affronted and bloated – pharyngitis. In this case, the account of the disease, tend to become a virus or a accessory infection from bacilli that accept emerged in the immunosuppressed.

Acute deepening of the pharynx may canyon into the abiding form, which can be acquired by abiding affliction of the close membrane, such as dust, alcohol, smoking, continued tonsils or abiding breath is not through your adenoids and mouth.

Treatment of angina

For the analysis of angina administer antibiotics (Bactrim). Timely admission of analysis will accept a 3-day 4 the accommodating to feel almost healthy. However, arrest analysis and go to assignment actually not! The anarchic action is still far from actuality completed, the arrangement of the anatomy added airy and in a accompaniment of acclimation (including, and immunity). To abstain complications, you charge to break in bed accretion aeon in bed, it will aftermost for several days. At this time you charge to eat able-bodied and absolutely to sleep.

In contrast, back the patient’s action on the accomplishments of connected analysis anyhow does not improve, or, indeed, there is added pain, assiduous fever, the articulation becomes nasal, hurts to absorb food, and back breath additionally has some problems, there is a analytical charge for burning added consulting a doctor.

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